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June 2009

Volume 2, Number 3

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-       Expanded Service


- Parkes Scientific

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-       ASTM Repeatability and Reproducibility

-       D975 Revision

·         Parker ACM20 Particle Counting mandatory for Aviation Fuels

·         Vapor Pressure and Fuel FTIR units from eralytics is LIMS-Ready – out of the box

·         Falex Pin & Vee softWEAR Upgrade

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Did you know . . .

. . . that Tom Jones is the newest member of the Compass CFR Service Department?
Welcome Tom on board as we expand our CFR Service to better serve our North American customers.


. . . that Parkes Scientific is a factory-trained calibration facility for the eralytics ERAVAPs in Canada? 


And that Parkes Scientific provides sales and service support for the Waukesha FIT™ as well as all of the Normalab, Parker, PCS Instruments and Falex products out of Edmonton?


Contact Lance or Elaine at Parkes Scientific today at (780) 484-1849 or by email.

News You Can Use


Can you explain what Repeatability and Reproducibility are?  The March/April issue of ASTM Standardization News has the DataPoints column by Alex Lau and Dean Neubauer entitled What are Repeatability and Reproducibility?  Part 1:  A D02 Viewpoint for Laboratories while the May/June issue has the DataPoints column by Neil Ullman and Dean Neubauer entitled Part 2: The E11 Viewpoint.  These first 2 parts of a continuing series answers this very question.  Check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here.


And don’t forget to look for the next July/August issue of Standardization News for Part 3:  The Repeatability and reproducibility in measurement systems analysis, or “gage R&R” methodology.




ASTM D02 has revised ASTM D975, Standard Specification for Diesel Fuel Oils based on the activity from last semester.  The latest issue is D975-09 to be electronically published after final proofing.  It will most likely be electronically published this month.

One major modification is the addition of ASTM D7170 Determination of Derived Cetane Number (DCN) of Diesel Fuel Oils—Fixed Range Injection Period, Constant Volume Combustion Chamber Method as an alternate method to ASTM D613, Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil.


Contact Us for more information about the FIT and ASTM D7170!


Parker ACM20 –

Particle Counting is Mandatory for Jet Fuel




When will it be Mandatory to use a Particle Counter?  June 30, 2009!

Hurry, Time is running OUT!



The inclusion of particle counting (IP564) is mandatory in the Jet Fuel specification DefStan 91-91 (Issue 6) as of June 30, 2009.


Refineries manufacturing aviation fuel to the DefStan 91-91 (Issue 6) Specification must report cleanliness levels for all 6 channels (>4μ(c), >6μ(c), >14μ(c), >21μ(c), >25μ(c) & >30μ(c)) using the ISO 4406:99 format.


While there is no Specification Limit at this point, the results obtained from the new test method (IP 564) need to be reported alongside the traditional gravimetric ASTM D5452, Standard Test Method for Particulate Contamination in Aviation Fuels by Laboratory Filtration results.



However, once a meaningful PASS/FAIL limit has been established, it is the intent of the Specification Authorities to phase out the traditional Millipore / Gravimetric test ASTM D5452 and replace it with laser based particle counting.


If you would like more information or a product demonstration on the Parker ACM20 Particle Counters, please Contact Us!


For more information, please refer to:

Ministry of Defence Defence Standard 91-91, Issue 6 Publication Date 8 April 2008 or
Parker ACM20 on our Website.

Vapor Pressure and Fuel FTIR units from eralytics™ – LIMS-Ready!

eralytics GmbH and Compass Instruments are pleased to announce that all of the eralytics products
are completely LIMS-Ready; out of the box with nothing more than a standard Ethernet cable hooked into your existing IP network!

Why settle for the same old interface and limited functionality?  If fact, you can even use bar code readers now, too!  Improve and streamline your data stream processes for the simple, yet very critical, Vapor Pressure measurements today.

Request more information about the eralytics ERAVAP!

It’s up to you whether you want to connect just a couple in your lab or all of the ERAVAPs in your entire company network.


It’s your data, use it how you want with our LIMS-Ready analyzers!

eravap networked to a computer.png

multiple eravaps multiple sites networked to a folder.png

Falex Pin & Vee Block softWEAR™ Upgrade


The NEW Falex softWEAR™ retrofits your existing Falex Pin & Vee with a computer based data acquisition system.  This eliminates the manual recording of torque and optionally, even load.


In addition, several upgrade options can make your life even easier.

The basic system is intended to replace the strip chart recorders or your meter boxes. 


The standard software includes:

Ø  Torque measurement capability

Ø  Real time graph

Ø  Equipment shutdown programmability

Ø  Alarm monitoring and recording


Contact Us for more information or for a quote to update your Falex Pin & Vee Block unit today!



ASTM D02 Petroleum Products and Lubricants

(in conjunction with D01, D03, D16, G02 and G03)


New Products Introduction hosted by Compass

Norfolk, VA             Norfolk Marriott Waterside

June 21-25




Wednesday, June 24, 6:30 – 8pm   Ballroom I-II


Gulf Coast Conference

            Gulf Golf:


Galveston, TX                  Moody Gardens

October 12                                         Golf Course

October 13 - 14                      Convention Center




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 *Reprinted, with permission, from ASTM D975-09 Standard Specification for Diesel Fuel Oils, copyright ASTM International
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