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April, 2009

Volume 2, Number 2.5

Helpful Hints for your


Software New 1 icon with HFRR v2.png

Do you know your HFRR Software and Firmware versions?

If your analyzer or computer software is anything other than V2.10, please Contact Us so we can arrange this Complimentary Upgrade Service.

Test Specimens

We can save you money!

Frustrated with your current vendor?

Tired of waiting a long time?


Compass Instruments carries all the PCS test specimens and can save you at least 20-30%.

Part Number HFRSSP, $2100.00



HFRR On-Site Training

It’s probably been a few years since you were factory-trained on
ASTM D6079 and the HFRR operation, calibration and reading of wear scars.  Let us know if you want a little refresher course.

Service and Maintenance

Did you know that Compass Instruments is a fully Factory-Certified Service and Sales Center for the PCS HFRR and ABS units?

We stock a variety of service parts like power amps and thermocouples.

Button Head Screws

You don’t need to order the complete set of screws (HFRSS) every time you need to replace the two small button head screws.
Compass Instruments has this 10-pack of these button head screws.

Part Number HFRBSS, $27.50

Did you know your HFRR calibration items must be RE‑CERTIFED or RECALIBRATED every 3 YEARS (as per PCS Instruments’ recommendation) to ensure consistent, reliable and accurate use?


Use these suggestions below to get the maximum performance, value and life out of your instrument.

If you have lost any of these critical items, please Contact Us for replacements.

Force Calibrator and Stroke Length Gauge Calibration

You should have your Force Calibrator and Stroke Length Gauge re-calibrated by PCS every 3 years.  If the date on your force calibrator is before April 2006, Contact Us to get them re-calibrated.

Part Number HFRRECAL, $334.00 + Shipping & Handling.

Humidity Probe Calibration

You should also get your Humidity Probe re-calibrated by PCS every 3 years.  Please Contact Us if you would like to send it in.

Part Number HUMCAL, $646 + Shipping & Handling.


(Hint:      Send in the Force Calibrator, Stroke Length Gauge and your Humidity Probe all at the same time for more convenience!)


Micrometer Certification

You need to get your micrometer recertified every 2 or 3 years.

It is approximately $15.40 + Shipping & Handling.


Contact Marty Johnson at Fox Valley Metrology (see below).


 Temperature Calibration Plugs Calibration

You should get the Temperature Calibration plugs at 0oC and 62oC re-certified every 3 years.  If you have had your unit since 2006 it’s probably time to get them checked.

They are about $82.50 ea + Shipping & Handling.

Again, contact Marty Johnson at Fox Valley Metrology (see below).

Where to send your Micrometer and Temperature Calibration Plugs for Calibration

Marty Johnson

Fox Valley Metrology

3125 Medalist Drive

Oshkosh, WI 54902

(920) 426-5894 x234  /  (920) 426-8120 fax



ASTM D6079 Reference Fluids.png

ASTM D6079 Reference Fluids A & B

You can purchase the ASTM D6079 Reference Fluids A (High Lubricity) and B (Low Lubricity) directly from the ASTM Test Monitoring Center.


These fluids are available in ½ gallon containers and are accompanied by a Certificate of Traceability. 

                 Reference Fluid A, “High lubricity reference”, ½ gal

                Reference Fluid B, “Low lubricity reference”, ½ gal


As of November 2008, they were $35 each (+ Shipping/Handling).

To place an order, please contact Dave Hooper directly at:                ASTM Test Monitoring Center

                6555 Penn Ave

                Pittsburgh, PA 15206

                (412) 365-1000  /  (412) 365-1047 fax


CEC F-06-A-96 Reference Fluids, Low and High

These reference fluids conform to CEC standard 'F-06-A-96' and are supplied in 0.5L cans. The low lubricity fluid has poor lubricity characteristics and produces a large wear scar. Please refer to the specification sheet for Humidity Correction Factor (HCF) wear scar values and range.

Part Number HFRLLRF Low lubricity reference fluid


The high lubricity fluid has good lubricity characteristics and produces a smaller wear scar than the low lubricity reference fluid

Part Number HFRHLRF High lubricity reference fluid

Note:    CEC F-06-A-96, while similar to ASTM D6079, has different
                calculations for the wear scars.

Contact Us for more information.

Microscope Wear Scar Measuring Package (Software and Camera, HFRWS)

The microscope camera is an accessory for the HFRR that will fit right on top of your existing microscope.

This allows you capture calibrated wear scar images and measure them very precisely on a PC screen. 

The wear scar image and measurements can be saved for future reference, printed and/or emailed.


If you would like an onsite demonstration of the camera option, or want more information, please Contact Us.


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