CFR Documents

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Form Issued Title Edition Supercedes
840 8/2008 CFR F4 Supercharge Parts Catalog 1st Edition  
847 2015 F1/F2 (Research Method/Motor Method) Octane Rating Units Operation & Maintenance 4th Edition 3rd Edition, 8/2012
869 3/2006 CFR F5 Parts Catalog 2nd Edition 1st Edition, 4/2004
871 4/2016 CFR F1/F2 Parts Catalog 4th Edition 3rd Edition, 12/2011
873 12/2005 FIT User Manual 1st Edition  
879 2015 CFR F1 (Research Method) and F2 (Motor Method) Octane Rating Units Installation Manual 2nd Edition 1st Edition, 10/1998
889 10/1998 CFR F5 Operation & Maintenance Manual 1st Edition  
893 1993 with 9/2006 Supplement CFR F4 Supercharge Operation & Maintenance Manual    
947 2015 Digital Octane Panel including Octane Anzlyzer, Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual 3rd edition 2nd Edition, 11/2011
M-1169 10/2002 CFR Tools    
6383 2015 CFR F5 XCP Digital Cetane Panel, Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual 1st edition